Loss Adjusting

Loss adjusting

We offer a range of loss adjusting services across both domestic and SME risks and provide a comprehensive start-to-end service, incorporating all aspects of the claim. Our loss adjusting services are provided promptly to ensure the loss can be carefully examined and a recommendation can be provided to our clients based on the coverage of the insurance policy.

Our appointment as a loss adjuster from the start of an insurance claim enables us to secure vital information to maximise recoveries. We obtain the best outcomes for all parties where:

  • The policyholder is returned to their pre-loss position in a timely and professional manner;
  • The underwriter reduces timeframes and minimises claim expenses with our pro-active management of the claim; and
  • The potential for a successful recovery is maximised and all incurred costs

We understand the expectations of our clients and underwriters in an increasingly regulated and high-volume industry, and are dedicated to manage losses in an efficient and commercial manner.

With our experience in this industry, we can offer clients competitive pricing where we are engaged to provide loss adjusting and recovery services within the one package.

Rectification works

Recovery opportunities are often identified during the claim assessment and action can be taken at that time to ensure the loss is managed appropriately. In the event that the loss is the result of faulty or poor workmanship, we will take steps to have the responsible party rectify and repair the damage.

Successful completion of these rectification works will:

  • Negate the need for any claim expenditure by our clients;
  • Return the policyholder to their pre-loss position;
  • Satisfy all parties that the risk is free of identified defects so ongoing cover can be provided; and
  • Avoid any lengthy recovery / dispute processes and associated costs.

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